Green Schools Foundation sponsors the following programs:

  • Laws of Life Essay Contest
  • Developing Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Academy of Scholars

Laws of Life Essay Contest 2016

In 1987, Sir John Templeton created the Laws of Life essay contest in his hometown of Winchester, Tennessee, to encourage young people to reflect and write about their own laws of life. At that time, Sir John never imagined that the contest would spread throughout the United States and around the world. The laws of life are the core values, ideals, and principles by which we live.

Green Schools Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Laws of Life essay contest for the eighth grade and eleventh grade students in Green Local Schools.  GSF provides funding for the cash prizes that are awarded to the local essay finalists.  This year, the finalists were recognized at the Celebration of Education on February 27.


Laws of Life 2016 Celeb of Ed Finalists


Developing Leaders of Tomorrow

The Developing Leaders of Tomorrow program is part of an academic classroom grant provided by ComDoc, through the Green Local Schools and Green Schools Foundation, and in conjunction with Heart to Heart Communications.  This annual leadership program, which began in 2005, is based on the ComDoc values of Accountability, Decisiveness, Ethics, Passion and Trust, and is designed to prepare select Green High School juniors for the leadership challenges they will face in the years ahead.

Benefits of the program include leadership training with “servant-based philosophy,” understanding characteristics of strong leaders, problem solving experience in leadership, and the possibility of internship with ComDoc.


Developing Leaders 2016

Academy of Scholars

Green Schools Foundation hosted the Green High School Academy of Scholars celebration on October 19, 2015.  Students who received a GPA of 3.5  or higher during the previous school year were presented with awards.  A dessert reception for students and parents followed the ceremony.  Green Schools Foundation would like to congratulate each of these students on this excellent accomplishment.